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Historically, Equatorial Guinea independently determined to improve the telecommunications infrastructure and international gateway facilities (IGF) in the country, back then local provider are individually have their own IGF. Namely the GETESA (Orange), Muni (Greencom) and eventually GECOMSA, this was around year 2013. Directive from the government demanded to implement a single point of IGF, wherein the GATEWAY G.E. S.A. was born in the last quarter of 2015.


Initially GATEWAY GE SA system or infrastructure was still under the umbrella, governed and managed by the Greencom which is now known as Muni Telecommunication. Technically it was part of the MUNI infrastructure, then due to the government decree the GATEWAY GE SA was founded. The design of it is to receive the local provider traffic and deliver or properly route the international calls towards the destinations with agility and with good voice quality using the latest technology of VoIP (voice over IP).


The local operators where interconnected and established as the main source of traffic towards the GATEWAY GE SA system, namely the GETESA, Muni and GETESA. The technical facilities of the company are strategically situated to the major city of Equatorial Guinea, the Malabo and Bata main towns. While the facilities connecting to the international providers is situated remotely due to the limitation and challenges of transmission facilities from Equatorial Guinea towards the international providers that supported the traffic, both for outbound and inbound traffic.


After few years of successful operations, local IP and transmission facility provider is well established and utilized to provider connectivity to traverse the traffic from the current location towards the end point of voice calls using the VOIP technology. GATEWAY initially has a VSAT facility as a redundant link in case of technical failure of the primary provider. As the local IP provider network improved the VSAT was decommissioned to cut the cost and confidently relied on the current IP facility provider towards our foreign partners with stability and full redundancies of their capability across the West African region.


The company operations in providing proper voice traffic or calls (incoming and outgoing) towards Equatorial Guinea has been improved. With the proper provision and recommendations from multiple consultants to improve the technical facilities, proper system upgrade and with partnership from the different voice providers to ensure redundancy of call routing to enhance versatility and likewise establishing good or quality voice connections around the globe.


Currently, the company has gained its momentum in terms of profitability and stability, challenges are inevitable but carefully being handled to balance the service, quality and sustainability of the company in the long term goals and objectives of the management governing GATEWAY GE SA.


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